Fortsätta is the Swedish word that is tattooed on my left arm. It means among other things “to keep going.” Why do I have a Swedish tattoo when I don’t speak Swedish? I blame it on the fact that I’m a genealogy geek.  All of my grandfather’s family came from Sweden or thereabouts – boundary shifting what it was back in the day. And so I feel a connection to the Motherland. Of course given my diverse ancestry my Motherland could also be Germany, Ireland, France, Austria, Holland etc etc. But I tend to stick with Sweden because it appeals to me and because I know the most about that part of my family history. When I was trying to figure out what type of tattoo I wanted I kept coming across the expressions “don’t stop” or “keep going”  and I loved the idea but wanted to put my own twist on it and so decided to have it written in Swedish. Thus the idea of fortsätta was born. It’s like a secret message only I and 9 million Swedes can understand. 


Fortsätta {verb}: to push ahead · to push on · to pursue · to prosecute · to proceed ·to persist · to persevere · to pass on · to keep up · to keep on · to keep · to go on · to go along · to get on · to drag on · to continue ·persists · to carry on · to bring down · to take up · to keep going 

  •  fortsätta gå – walk on
  • fortsätta med - keep on doing
  • fortsätta lysa - go on shining
  • fortsätta andas - keep breathing
  • fortsätta falla - keep falling
  • fortsättning -sequel, continuation, resumption
  • fortsätt le! - keep smiling!