This post was brought to you by my friend Cindy. After my first swimsuit post she commented that there ARE plus size swimsuits available in Canada – in fact probably at a mall near you. And many are suitable for actual swimming as opposed to just looking good at the side of the pool or on a beach. I get so discouraged from shopping in malls that I mostly avoid them and add that to the fact that clothing like swimsuits are very seasonal it can be hit or miss finding something. However thanks to Cindy here are some choices that you can shop for in person or if you prefer you can still order them online. 

Plus Size Swimsuits Canada

  1. Addition Elle nola contrast piping one-piece swimsuit
  2. Swimco TYR Nexus Alliance Polyester Maxback
  3. Swimco TYR Nexus Polyester Aqua Tank
  4. Swimco Solid Fit For U Twist Mio
  5. Addition Elle printed front one-piece swimsuit
  6. Addition Elle printed one-piece swimsuit