Pink for all its reputation for sweetness and lightness is a very divisive colour. I know a lot of women who describe themselves as “not a pink kind of girl” as if they do not want to be contaminated by the colour’s treacly reputation. Pink can be seen by some to be overtly feminine, too overtly for many women who prefer less gender specific colours.  But Pink doesn’t have to come in the soft pink so often associated with baby girls, stuffed animals and cotton candy. Pink can also be loud, in your face and demanding a “look at me” kind of attention.


One of my favourite descriptions of the colour Pink was written by Sarah Vowell. She spent an evening with a group of goth girls in hopes of gaining insight into the goth culture as well as toughening her own good girl appearance. They ask her what she decided her goth name was going to be and she announces “Becky.” She writes:

It turns out, that by saying the magic word “Becky,” I have suddenly moved to the head of the class, goth-wise. As Monique puts it, “You are understanding the pink of goth. You’ve skipped a couple levels, and you went straight to pink.” The group’s consensus is that pink is the apex of expert goth, that newcomers and neophytes should stick with basic black, but those confident enough, complex enough, can exude gloom and doom while wearing the color of sugar and spice. Indra argues that pink can be an intelligent, sarcastic color, though Terrance says of experimenting with pink, “Proceed with caution. I can’t warn you enough.”

So when you view today’s plus size pink swimsuits contemplate the more outrageous side of the colour. And consider whether you are daring enough to wear the dynamic duo of a Pink Bikini! 

Plus Size Pink Swimsuits
  1. Pleat Front Tankini Top and Shirred Skirt Bikini Bottoms 
  2. Striped Halter Tankini Top and Swim Skirt
  3. Women’s Plus Cross-Front Control Max Swimsuits
  4. Peek-A-Boo One-Piece Swimsuit
  5. Simply Yours Bikini Top and High Waisted Brief
  6. Robyn Lawley Ultra Indie Scoop Onepiece