In my last post I talked about getting back on the wagon. And as usual I don’t like doing things in small ways. So I decided to run a half marathon. And for those of you who were paying attention I’m sure you’re saying to yourself but you already said you were doing that Vaughn – in November – in Vegas. And I am but I wanted something more, something more meaningful and more challenging. And I found something. Catch is it’s only 12 weeks away. And I have to raise $4000 before I am given the privilege to run.  So to recap I have twelve weeks to get ready to run 22.1 km and raise $4000. Am I crazy? Answer yes, quite possibly.

But there is method to my madness. My dad is dying of liver cancer. His cancer is at an advanced stage for which there is no cure. It is very hard to watch someone lose his vitality. It’s hard to watch and to be scared and sad all the time especially when there is nothing practical that you can do other than be there as much as possible and experience the journey with him. I want to do something more.




 And so in honour of my dad I’m going to run the Lace Up for Liver Half Marathon in Long Beach California on Oct. 13, 2013. 5 days after my 44th birthday and one day before my oldest son turns 8.


My dad was never the type of person to let minor illness defeat him and he often refuses to acknowledge it in others. In fact if as a kid I complained of feeling ill I was often told that all I needed to do was “run around the block” or “it’s all in your head.” So there is great irony that I will indeed finally be taking his advice and running around the block  (albeit a very large block).


When I asked my trainer Paul if he thought I could do the half marathon he immediately replied yes, although I think that was reflex optimism on his part. (I think it’s a trainer’s curse). But he was concerned about the amount of money I needed to raise in such a short period of time. I however think the money will be the easy part compared to training my ass off for the next 12 weeks. But when my stepmother told my dad that I was doing the run in his honour he got a big smile on his face and that is all the encouragement I need.


And just to keep things interesting I’ve decided to set my fund raising target at $10,000 for the OCD side of me that likes a nice round number. The money raised will go towards supporting liver health education and research programs of the Canadian Liver Foundation. To reach this ambitious target I’m going to need everyone’s help. Treat this blog post like a chain letter. But not the kind that you will have some terrible fate befall you if you don’t pass the chain along. More the kind that a great thing will happen the day after you forward it to everyone you know, tweet about it or share it on Facebook.


Please sponsor me to help me play tribute to my dad and raise money for research into finding a cure for liver cancer.