So it’s already April and I am still, yes still, not recovered from whatever I did to myself back in November last year. The good news is that I have found a course of treatment that has brought me some relief although even doing mild movements (like sitting on the floor making a puzzle with my kids) can set off the pain again. And running is still forbidden territory. So I decided to return to one of my previous forms of exercise –  swimming. Unlike running, I actually love swimming and it has been my go-to form of fitness at various times in the past. It isn’t as convenient as running but at it’s most basic it requires very little equipment. A swimsuit, a pair of goggles and a pool. 


The swimsuit that I bought for myself last year is a bit snug so I went on what has become to be known as the “Great Plus Size Swimsuit Hunt of 2014.” The only reason the word “great” is in the title is because it was a Herculean task. So it was great in the sense of “an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average” not great in the “oh boy oh boy that was fantastic” sense. Now I know that no one professes to enjoy shopping for swimsuits but as a plus size female I have to tell you there is an extra level of hell reserved just for us when it comes to shopping, in particular shopping for something as potentially confidence annihilating as a swimsuit. In the past I have tried in vain to find an athletic swimsuit for swimming laps, in my size, in a local store, that wouldn’t involve a skirt, a horrible floral pattern or fabric so flimsy that I would risk a charge of indecent exposure and/or blind small children.


To date I have had no luck, so as usual I turned to the internet. Imagine my surprise when there was not an orgy of choice and that suits that were there came predominately in the colours of blue, navy blue, dark dark blue or black with the occasional dark eggplant thrown in for variety. Trust me I know very few women who want to look like an eggplant. But once I entered the black hole that is internet shopping I began to realize that unlike so called “fitness suits” there are quite a few different choices for those who are more interested in a suit to frolic in the waves, or lie by the side of a pool.  I decided that since I had already done the legwork I would share the wealth and so I bring you 9 days of swimming – swimsuits, swim gear, hair products oh-my! And for those of you who are not plus sized but have still read this far I will let you know that many of the suits shown are also available in your size so all is not lost. 


Today we will start with some suits I found for swimming laps. Suits that stay in place so you can spend time perfecting your stroke not digging your suit out of places it shouldn’t be or returning straps to where they should be. I hope you enjoy them and if you have any other finds please share. I’m still searching for the perfect one!


Serious Swimsuits for Plus Size Swimmers

  1. TYR Women’s Streamers Aqua Controlfit Swimsuit
  2. Landsend Women’s Plus Size DDD-cup AquaFitness Butterfly Scoop One Piece Swimsuit with Tummy Control
  3. Landsend Women’s Plus Size Aquafitness Butterfly Colorblock High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

  4. Swimsuits for All Xtra Life® Lycra® Aquabelle Mint Border Plus Size Cross Back Swimsuit
  5. Panache Sport Swimsuit SW7340 – I own this one. It has great bra support.