I started off this series on plus size swimsuits complaining about the fact that often there are no colour choices other than very dark colours including of course black but I have shown that there is a great deal of colour out there if you know where to look . Unfortunately the blah colour rules still holds true for suits that one would wear swimming laps or competing in a triathlon. And they look especially blah when compared to some of the eye popping colour available for “regular” sizes. But that is not to say that black has to be boring,  basic or dull as the black plus size swimsuits for today will prove. Several have a retro glam appeal to them and all are sophisticated and sexy. As much as I like colour it’s hard to say no to the elegance of black. 

black plus size swimsuits
  1. Betty Diamond Sweetheart Suit 
  2. Swim Sexy Polka Dot Plus Size Bandeau/Halter High Waist Bikini
  3. Women’s Plus Size Shape & Enhance One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit 
  4. Mini Stripe Color Block One Piece by Anne Cole Plus
  5. Magisculpt Underwired Bikini Top and Magisculpt Highwaisted Bikini Brief