Day 3 in our nine part series features plus size swimsuits in all shades of blue. Three of the suits features “ruching ” beloved by style experts everywhere to trick the eye -Is it fat? – Is it fabric? – No one will ever know. I’m not convinced that it works but then again who knows. The other major trend for this season I’ve noticed is polka-dots which is good because polka-dots make you feel happy and feeling happy in a bathing suit is a good thing. If polka-dots don’t do it for you might I suggest a margarita. 

Plus Size Bathing Suits in Blue
  1. Miraclesuit Escape 1 Piece Underwire Swimsuit
  2. Drape Front One-Piece Swimsuit
  3. Magisculpt Swimsuit
  4. Evans Stripe Twist Swimsuit
  5. TYR Atlantic Dot Twisted Bra W/Adj Straps in Aqua