Vaughn wearing her old navy tank top before the long beach 1/2 marathon

Me before the start of my first 1/2 marathon

This is not a sponsored post but it could be because all the products are from Old Navy but no free t-shirt was necessary to persuade me to write this post because I genuinely love their active wear. You can’t beat their prices and it is comfortable and stands up to the repeated washes that activewear gets. Plus it incorporates many of the same types of fabrics like dryweave that more expensive lines use. And of course it comes in plus sizes and even its regular sizes go up to XXL. And if you aren’t near a store you can easily order something for $5. 


I still have many of the first clothes I bought when I started exercising again almost three years ago.  For both my half marathons I wore a tank top from Old Navy even though by that point I owned more expensive options. It is comfortable, keeps me cool and is in a colour other than black. I put these outfits together based on how I would use them but of course they all mix and match to make your fav combo. The prices are from but many of the same pieces are available on And remember Old Navy is ALWAYS having sales of some sort or other so chances are you could get these outfits for even cheaper.  For affordable plus size activewear Old Navy is hard to beat. 

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Women’s Plus Old Navy Active Running Top

Women’s Plus Roll-Over Yoga Pants


Women’s Plus Old Navy Active Performance Tops

Women’s Plus Old Navy Active Compression Leggings


Women’s Plus Old Navy Active Bubble Tanks

Women’s Plus Cropped Wide-Leg Yoga Pants