Hi there, my name is Vaughn Neff and this is my brand spanking new blog. I got a taste for blogging earlier this year when I did a series of posts for a gym about my year long progress towards a fitter and healthier me. Along the way I’ve gained a lot of perspective and lost a bit of weight.  I’ve included those first eight posts on my blog so you get the gist of who I am and where I’m coming from.  

I enjoyed writing them so much that I wanted my own blog where I could veer off into topics as they occurred to me and not be bound by topics exclusively related to health and fitness.  
And thus Fortsätta was born. (If you want to find out why the blog is called Fortsätta then read the oh-so-cleverly named What’s a Fortsätta?)

From the infographic on the right you can see I have a wide range of interests, rather like a Magpie who is interested in anything that is shiny. The topics I write about will similarly range widely from life to death and everything in between including the original focus on my trials and triumphs in my quest to  live a healthier life. Along the way I might touch on human rights, interior design, parenting, hockey, my desire to stop hearing about Kate Middleton’s baby or my love for Jon Stewart. There will be something for everyone. I hope you enjoy your time here at Chez Fortsätta.