My last great run was almost a year ago. I continue to struggle with back pain and continue to explore any and all things that promise relief from said pain and allow me to go back to my active life. In essence I haven’t been exercising regularly for more than a year. I have done so in fits and starts but usually such efforts end in pain and/or desultory efforts on my part.


But this hasn’t stopped me from pursing an unhealthy addiction to buying exercise clothing. And when you realize that buying plus size activewear isn’t that easy it’s makes my adherence to my addiction in spite of my not exercising somewhat heroic. — Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

 I was sad. So I ordered gym clothes online. I feel okay now.

I have purchased two bathing suits, four pairs of wool running socks, 1 pair of capris, 2 pair running shorts, 8 tanks and approximately 9 t-shirts. I’ve also bought one fitbit, two bathing caps (including one especially for long hair, and 1 pair of swim goggles (which don’t count as clothing but you do wear them to exercise so I thought I would include them.) Oh and at least 10 fitness apps.


A sympathetic person would say that I am keeping the dream alive and showing a positive attitude about my eventual return to working out and thus needing this extensive workout wardrobe. A less charitable and possibly more realistic person would probably say that it shows some kind of repressed emotions displaying narcissistic tendencies coupled with a strange attraction to lycra and wicking fabrics. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.


In an effort to make good use of all this shopping (other than it looking pretty folded in my drawer) I thought I would share with you some  online sites for plus size activewear that I have found. Some are shops that only cater to plus sizes and other sites they are just a small subset of  the store. Either way I hope you can find something for you. 

Store Ships Largest Size
Always for Me  International 4x
One Stop Plus International 4x-6x 
 JunoActive Canada  & US 6x
Go Figure * Canada & US 3x
Champion  US only 3x
Columbia US and Canada have separate online stores  3x
Dick’s Sporting Goods        US only 3x
Taffy  International 3x 
Sportive Plus* Canada and US 3x
Female for Life International 18-20
State of Mind International 28
Making it Big International 6x
REI International 3x 
Nordstroms International 3x
Athleta International 20
Additionelle* Canada and US 4x 
Running Bare International 20 `
Old Navy* US and Canada have separate online stores  3x
Team Estrogen  International  3x 
Terry Bicycles  International 4x
Nike US only XXL
Boden International 20
KEYLIME* International XXL
Lane Bryant International  3x
Lands’ End  International  3x
Alight International  3x
Lola Getts International  3x
Ice  Cream Wear* Canada & US 2x and custom
Fit Girl Redefined US only (shipping outside US might be arranged) 3x
Aerotech Designs International 3x